50+ Social Media Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2019

Are you still in doubt whether you should invest in a marketing strategy in social networks? Well, most likely you are wasting your time in doubt. Social media platforms are one of the best tools to promote your business even if your marketing budget is limited. In this article, we have collected marketing indicators that […]

  • Kristin Savage
  • 25th September 2019
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50 Instagram captions for friends

You are just about to post a photo of your friend, and you have no idea what to put in the caption. Don’t worry, your not alone, trying to explain your friendship with words is no easy task. I have put together a collection of the best Instagram captions for friends. My friends are the […]

115 Cute Instagram Captions for any type of photo

Are you struggling to find cute captions for you Instagram photos? Been there, it sucks, hence why i have put together a collection of the best captions i could find related to “cute”. Also don’t forget to add relevant hashtags and emojis to your captions! Girl CaptionsFriendship CaptionsFamily CaptionsLife CaptionsCouples CaptionsSummer CaptionsNature CaptionsLove CaptionsDog CaptionsFunny […]

69 Short Instagram Captions for any post

Short and sweet is one of the best type of Instagram caption, sometimes 2 twos have more effect on the reader than a full paragraph. I have put together some of the best short captions i could find. Use these captions along with relevant hashtags and relevant emojis. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Confidence level: […]

79 Instagram Captions for lyrics

Thinking of good captions to use for your Instagram photos is no easy task. This is why using famous song lyrics can be a great way to fill that white space. I have put together different lyrics for different categories such as funny, sad etc. Even tough you-re fed up, you gotta keep your head […]

Most viewed videos on Youtube

Youtube has been around since 2005 and has since gone on to become the biggest more watched website in the world. 1.9 billion users log in to the website each month and has become the 2nd largest website. We watch over 1 Billion hours of Youtube each day, and over 300 hours of content in […]

How to Delete your Instagram Account in 2 Minutes

Have you had enough of seeing Instagram models living their fake lives, or maybe you have seen to many inspiration quotes? What ever your case, you want to permanently delete your Instagram account? Just a heads up, once you have completed these steps, you can not log back into your account again, or re use […]

Most Retweeted Tweets of all Time!

As of today, this is the most retweeted tweet of all time, but like many you probably havent even heard of @yousuck2020. ZOZOTOWN新春セールが史上最速で取扱高100億円を先ほど突破!!日頃の感謝を込め、僕個人から100名様に100万円【総額1億円のお年玉】を現金でプレゼントします。応募方法は、僕をフォローいただいた上、このツイートをRTするだけ。受付は1/7まで。当選者には僕から直接DMします! #月に行くならお年玉 pic.twitter.com/cKQfPPbOI3— Yusaku Maezawa (MZ) 前澤友作 (@yousuck2020) January 5, 2019 we all remember that guy that asked wendys how many retweets for a years supply of chicken nuggets. Well their reply was […]