How to Delete your Instagram Account in 2 Minutes

  • By dan
  • 16th July 2019

Have you had enough of seeing Instagram models living their fake lives, or maybe you have seen to many inspiration quotes? What ever your case, you want to permanently delete your Instagram account?

Just a heads up, once you have completed these steps, you can not log back into your account again, or re use your old username. All your photos, likes, comments, DM’s and stories will be GONE.

Firstly you can not delete your account through the app, no idea why, they maybe want to you stay i guess, so you have to use the web version. Start by going to the delete page, if you are not logged in, you will be asked todo so.

Secondly you need to click the drop down menu that says “Why are you deleting your account?“, then you need to choose what is relevant to your decision.

Lastly you need to re-enter your password then click the “Permanently delete my account” and thats in your DONE!


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