Most Retweeted Tweets of all Time!

  • By dan
  • 11th July 2019
  1. As of today, this is the most retweeted tweet of all time, but like many you probably havent even heard of @yousuck2020.

  2. we all remember that guy that asked wendys how many retweets for a years supply of chicken nuggets. Well their reply was pretty legendary and wanted 18 million, the tweet currently sits at 3.4m

  3. Who can forget “the greatest selfie” even taken, which included famous peps such as Bradley Cooper, Ellen Degenerts, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence and many more.

  4. Back when One Direction was my deflection (see what i did there) louis tweeted at Harry Styles which sent the internet into a spin, with 2.9 million reweets, not bad

  5. LIMONADA tweet was tweeted by Youtuber elrubius in 2016, now has over 1.7 milltion retweets!

  6. ahhhh Mr Beast, the internets richie rich who likes giving away his fortune whilst making great content. Well he give $10,000 to a random retweeter, so its not hard to believe this got 1.3 million retweets!

  7. Barack Obama tweeted a photo with a nice inspirational quote, 1.6 million reweets!

  8. When the devastation happened in Houston, Penn State IFC tweeted saying that every retweet they got, they will pledge $0.15. So 1.1 million retweets * $0.15 = $165,000!